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Recently current erratic political events have been so self explanatory, I’ve declined to comment while taking care of some personal matters. It is not that I’m disinterested. On the contrary.

It appears to me that Mr. Mueller is gradually building his case for some sort of revelation regarding Mr. Trump. Commenting on the obvious, that Mr. Trump has had the habit of appointing now guilty felons, seems a waste of time.

Quite some time ago, during his candidacy for instance, enough facts regarding his behavior and tendencies indicated that he was far from the norm of what is generally considered to be valid American values.

Since, the evidence supporting this idea has mounted. Mr. Mueller in his meticulous fashion has silently added point upon point to the framework of his findings. They  at least give further indication of Mr. Trump’s fragile character, if not convicting him of anything legally.

Time seems to be on Mr. Mueller’s side, however, More and more polls indicate that, percentage point by percentage point, the American people appear to be adhering to the conclusion that Mr. Trump is psychologically a questionable personality.

It is interesting how the polls seem to be designed to provide Americans many varied facts from which they can form a conclusion regarding the man. No direct national poll has yet concluded categorically, for instance, that he should be removed.

Rather, even if the polls may be judged as biased against the man, they are making a social statement about him now rather than simply openly criticizing him. They are putting more meat on the skeleton of a judgment about him.

I think the American system of government is making progress. It is proving that at its most basic foundation it holds onto some semblance of solidity. It flounders at times, but it grudgingly evolves toward some sort of truth.

Again, I suspect Mr. Mueller may yet bring us to a fruitful conclusion in our political development. As for me, I’m going to keep eyes and ears open. Having caught up with personal matters, I suspect I may have more to say as the situation continues to emerge.

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