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Help The ACLU

A recent well-researched magazine article demonstrates that the American Civil Liberties Union has been for almost 100 years our country’s champion of civil liberties.

It correctly points out, however, that the ACLU’S well-intended policy of supporting conceptually racist Nazi Agitators’ alleged right to speak is a poorly considered policy. Why is quite simple.

World War II definitively established that Nazism and White Supremacy and Racism are not the policy of the United States. We may applaud the ACLU’s  conceptual support of free speech for all people, but not in this instance.

It is far too complicated for the ACLU to fight an abstract battle for freedom of speech for everyone, when it is clear, as in this case, that Nazism and Racism and White Supremacy are not democratic, not ethical, not moral, simply not right.

So, the ACLU’s commendable ongoing battle with the fascistic tendencies of Donald Trump and his allies, their racist attitudes, their blanket defense of them with alleged Christian beliefs, does not allow them the leeway to abstractly defend Nazism.

You cannot support both Black Lives Matter and Nazism. You must choose. Trying to explain the rhetorical right of all viewpoints to enjoy freedom of speech simply cannot be applied to this situation.

It remains, however, true that if the ACLU will continue to encourage and assist public sentiment against Trump’s rightist views and irresponsible policies, it may help swing the 2020 presidential election.

The ACLU could help vitalize such organizations as Rotary, for example, which refuses to engage in the vital political battle under discussion here. The many private American organizations they could bring together would be key to taking the presidency from Trump in 2020.

What can you do? Support the ACLU’s unification of anti-Trump organizations and people. Contact the ACLU. Offer your assistance. If you think Mr. Trump ought to be returned to the tawdry real estate business, that keeps millions of poorer Americans from owning homes, jump into this battle.

It’s your duty to turn off the TV and get involved. History does not want Nazism or White Power or Racism or Anti-Immigration or Anti-Refugee-ism. It wants non-violence and tolerance and resiliency, and active support of human beings in need. Our supposed American religious preference favors these also.

So, what ‘s holding you back?  Let’s get going.

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