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Oklahoma’s Disgrace

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Oklahoma’s Disgrace

Scott Pruitt, the disgusting example of the endless ethical corruption of the Donald Trump presidency, is gone. But the stink of his presence persists. Donald Trump praises him still for his “outstanding” job as Environmental Protection Agency director.

It totally amazes me that our nation has allowed this presidency to continue as if it were something normal rather than the political aberration it is. It embarrasses me no end that someone of my birthplace, Oklahoma, has so disgraced the state and the country.

Having left Oklahoma 62 years ago, lived several years in Europe, having literally encircled the globe, plus worked in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and travelled and worked in 90% of the United States, I believe Pruitt is the ultimate exemplification of the aberration of the near illiterate far Right minority of the country.

To think that Oklahoma identifies with the 30% of Americans who support Trump is difficult to accept. Demographics indicate that Trump’s followers are for the most part extremely limited in education. They are largely the literal ignorant of the country.

Realizing that a president bases his power upon the support of the least educated people of the country is a frightening prospect. Realizing that Oklahoma identifies with this phenomenon is frightening.

More frightening is that 60% of America with higher educations and sophistication have been unable to break this strangle hold of the naïve followers of Trump. The entire world is watching us with incredulity.

After only some 240 years of official existence, our country appears on the verge of an implosion. It is veering toward ignorance as its guide, rather than embracing science and the accumulated knowledge of humanity to navigate its future.

Possibly I am too disheartened. Perhaps I should accept that, at least, Mr. Pruitt did get dumped. But that is little consolation, because Trump still remains president, still continues his destruction of the norms of the country, of all that we have commonly held as valuable.

Amazing. There are no words to describe the situation adequately.

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