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Sanity or Something Else?

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Sanity or Something Else?

I believe Mr. Trump is mentally unstable: I base my belief on the opinions of numerous psychological professionals and on the fact that about 60% of all Americans seem to hold a dubious opinion of the facility of his little gray cells

His thinking and his actions are directly disrupting thousands of people’s lives in a decidedly inhumane manner.

It is biologically unnatural to take nursing babies from their natural mother’s breast, while pejoratively calling the mothers “animals.” Trump’s border patrols, inspired by his ill-conceived leadership, have done this.

It is ethically unnatural to separate children from refugee parents committing the simple misdemeanor of crossing into our country to escape persecution in their own countries – a right granted by our laws.

Such behavior is also decidedly not Christian. I raise this point not because I personally believe in this religion as having been established by some actual supernatural God, but because Mr. Trump alleges to believe so, and his actions so frequently oppose diametrically his supposedly core faith.

I believe Republican party members have utterly abandoned their collective ability to think rationally by their so preponderantly continuing to support the irrational behavior of Trump.

The entire Trump affair has become an internationally disturbing dilemma for many countries. Trump continually allies himself to people like Putin, the Philippine President Roberto Duterte, and a host of other rightwing ideological fanatics. One cannot get more irrational and radical than that.

The comprehensive substructure of America’s political norms is being seriously attacked by his policies. His claim to be supporting Law and Order is more than  dubiously exhibiting the most inhumane attitude of any American leader in our time.  It is unconscionable political rhetoric, specifically designed only to further incite his ideologically-addicted followers.

Current public demonstrations by ordinary middle class Americans protesting the child separations do, of course, encourage hope. However, since they appear to be mostly women and children, an obvious question arises: why did America’s men not equally and substantially help organize this movement?

Where are the men of America? That is an appropriate question to be asking at this time, as Trump so focuses on rebuilding billions of dollars of nuclear forces rather than striving to lead the world’s governments toward serious multinational denuclearization.

The man hasn’t the slightest consistent interest in tempering the militant attitudes of nations. Instead, he quite simplistically says it is not yet time to do so and, therefore, he must build more nuclear bombs to protect us.

I  contend that the real issue is billions of dollars of lost profits for nuclear defense contractors if he aligns his thinking toward real peace. And anything disrupting oligarchical profits is unthinkable to him.

Not only is his irrational behavior. It is a clear cut denial of the existence of the totally alternative option available to rational minds, and by our country: our singular ability to politically influence and guide other countries from further development of nuclear weapons.

Publicly haggling with Kim Jung Un in the media has decidedly not been an example of such an intelligent quest. Our Intelligence community declares Kim’s intentions to be seriously questionable. Trump touting this still highly tenuous relationship is primarily a political tactic. It is nowhere near being an established accomplishment supported by time and substantiated facts.

Trump’s habitual denial of the work of our Intelligence agencies is dangerously irrational. It is not irrational, however, to compare his mental state to a psychological level similar to that of World War II’s Hitler. They are not the same man. But I believe their obsessive psychological states are similar.

Our nation allowing this man to continue his dominance in forming the substance of our front-page news, raises many questions, but at bottom it essentially helps fortify his legitimacy. This should be cause for our most serious concern.

Trump is a master, as was Hitler, of the manipulation of media to create stories, about often ridiculous assertions and ideas, while undercover destroying – often largely without notice by the public – the basic foundations of our very culture.

His ability via this media manipulation to repeatedly divert public attention from his underhanded doings substantiates the opinion that this man is a peril. He is being allowed far too much leeway by others in power – primarily to support their own political careers, rather than to safeguard the American people and the people of the world.

How long is this going to continue until the general media, our House members,  Senators, and judicial leaders collaborate and take him to task in the most serious possible fashion for what appears to be a mind not only in disarray, but clearly functioning, not just irrationally, but destructively?

What is it going to take for us as a collective people to take his deviant behavior seriously enough to demand that something be legally done about him? What is it going to take for us to consciously perceive and recognize the profound liability to our country he constitutes?

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