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FROM MY CORNER: Machiavelli Revisited

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Machiavelli Revisited

The American people are following a man with the political instincts of a rattle snake and the prophetic vision of an ox. Professing belief in a Christian God, he exploits the vulnerability of families desperately seeking shelter from other rattle snakes.

He literally takes thousands of children from their parents, now criminalized by his near sighted view of life, to further secure the support of his illiterate political admirers and the silence of his paralyzed critics.

The members of his political party stand mute as rocks, their mouths stuffed with money from the corporate cabal that funds their elections. They all clearly understand who butters their bread. Silence is the only weapon they have the courage to use.

We are witnessing the decline of a nation, the dismantling of a political concept once lauded by all, now increasingly detested by the world. It is not excessive to compare this to the rise of Nazi Germany. That may actually turn out to be too mild a comparison.

The magnificent examples for society that Ancient Greece willed to us are scorned by the fake leader and their scorn accepted by a silent majority too enraptured by luxury to comprehend what with their complicity is occurring.

Public media are bogged down in a quagmire of intellectual quicksand created by their own dependency on the money of the wealthy supporting this narrative. Insipid shallow pop culture rules the masses supreme. The entire saga is a Hollywood Scriptwriter’s dream.

No fictional tale could ever hope to improve on the tawdriness of the plot. The characters surrounding the man at the top are worthy of the foulest writer of satire and farce imaginable. Those underfoot are characters from Charles Dickens.

The villain is not the man in charge; rather, it is the American public, those who have permitted themselves to be enticed and lulled into a state of mental paralysis. Such a state of affairs cannot happen without the compliance of an entirely numbed population.

Voices taking issue with the man and the situation seem almost to be judged those of malcontents or idiots. Lip service may mildly support them, but the reactions of the public appear confined to the inner sanctums of their homes. They do not rise together and take overt action against things.

Whether they will do so appears utterly unpredictable. Meanwhile, the man on the hill now decrees the creation of a tangible star wars scenario. How will an already bankrupt nation pay for this? The entire scene is truly worthy of the attention of writers of the absurd.

Remain alert. The eventual consequences of this narrative are unlikely to be comforting. At some point, all will be compelled to join either the side of the invader or assume the role of the active resistance.

Then we will all see up close the really serious destruction of families. Can you hear the jackboots? I hear them. They are still rather distant and faint. But they are approaching. They are drawing nearer. Don’t worry. You’ll eventually recognize them.

When their heel is on your neck.

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