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FROM MY CORNER: The Wool Over Our Eyes

Howell Hurst American News, Defining Trump, Economy & Finance, People Politics

It is heartening to note that a recent Associated Press poll documents 57% of parents and 73% of young people age 15-26 disapprove of Mr. D. Trump’s performance as President.

Is this is a sign the American public may be wiser than many give us credit for? Our ability to see through the “historic” confab of D. Trump with the dictator of North Korea gives rise to a sense of hope for our politically-challenged homeland.

However, our media’s buy-in to the press release wording of the meeting as “historic” is similar to an addict being persuaded to try an old drug being marketed under a new name. The back and forth rants of both men prior to the meeting were, after all, akin to two macho ghetto rats probing for a knife fight.

Then, whammo! All of a sudden their “historic” deal was cut, the Korean guy flies back home, produces his own TV show to promote his ascendancy to the position of world leader, and our own guy does the same thing, once again pulling the wool over our collective eyes.

It’s been the circus act of the year. All but forgotten are a few little details of what has been going on out of sight as we all watched this TV spectacle unfold. For instance: two thousand immigrant children have been separated from their parents at the US/Mexico border.

Jeff Sessions, our Department of Justice boss, authorized this, quoting from the Bible something about how people should listen to their government because “God” has authorized governments to be created to express “His” exalted word to the nation.

Allegedly, one hundred shelters in 17 states are allegedly already housing more than 11,000 youths. When the first 9,000 arrived s not clear. Federal authorities are contemplating tent cities for even more on Air Force and Army bases. Hundreds of immigrant detainees have been transferred, temporarily, it is said, to Federal prisons.

“God” has been very busy indeed. Who is paying for all this is not yet clear. And if comprehensive plans are afoot to humanely salvage the lives of these young people separated from their parents, I’ve not seen it. The media have not yet gotten to this story.  We shall see.

But, the real news comes from the International Monetary Fund. It reports the combination of corporate tax cuts and increased Defense and domestic expenses insure our national debt will soon grow larger than the obese elephant it already is.

What ever happened to the frantic Republican mantra that we must lower the national debt or all die in painful fiscal death throes? Not a word about that these days as the GOP kowtows to Trump’s plans to use all this self-created chaos to justify trimming Social Security benefits and privatizing them, plus imposing higher taxes on consumers. (That’s you and me, brother.)

Damn all that wool. My eyes are itching, not to mention my beleaguered wallet. How about yours?

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