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Trigger Finger Trump

An American Border agent this week shot and killed a twenty-year-old Guatemalan woman in Rio Bravo, Texas. Claudia Gonzalez was a trained accountant who had crossed into the United States seeking her American dream: a job.

Federal officials told a variety of changing stories to justify the killing, but it appears that Claudia was an innocent bystander in some sort of altercation. She was clearly not a threat to America or Americans.

I lay the blame for the young woman’s death right in the lap of President Donald Trump. Without his frequent hateful comments, his disparaging remarks about immigrants, his irrational attitude toward them, such an event would not occur.

I join with Senator Flake in condemning Trump as an utter disaster to the country. I believe the man has the ethical and moral sense of a cross between a bulldog and boa constrictor.

The man is a self-centered, egomaniacal, power-frantic disaster. He has all the sensitivity of a rattlesnake. Acquaintances of mine admire the man. I have lost  respect for my acquaintances. It is impossible to rationalize how one third of all Americans can judge this man to be anywhere near normal in his behavior.

Pardon my inability to word all this more delicately, but I find this man to be a despicable human being.

I don’t care how many people illegally enter America; there are a hundred saner ways to deal with them than shooting them. Divorcing that action from the prejudiced attitudes of the President is unjustifiable.

Let’s vote him out of office and return our country to some version of humane sanity. There are a thousand reasons why. If for no other reason, let’s do it for Claudia, just to rekindle our own sense of humanity.

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