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An Alternative Vision

Howell Hurst Uncategorized


An Alternative Vision

Becoming a person sensitive to the needs of human beings seriously challenges Trump’s mental capacity.  At the most basic level, he is simply the logical consequence of one of the most decrepit decisions our Supreme Court has ever made.

The “Citizens United” decision raised gigantic U.S. Corporations, designed solely for financial profits, to the more honorable position of “Persons.”  It specifically empowered them to take from the American people the legitimate power of independent citizen voting, and to transfer it to themselves.

Giant corporations’ manipulators don’t see it that way. They perceive themselves as benefactors of mankind. This they do despite the fact their interests rarely coincide with the actual life-support needs of humans.

Theirs is a technical corporate strategic maneuver possible only in a digital society: one evolved from a once fairly-humane concept into one now preventing people from sharing and embracing a sound philosophical and political culture.

The need for a nation to possess a sound blueprint for rational thinking and living is vital to its existence. If it forfeits this, it weakens and can disappear. History proves this. America must now take this to heart or its future is foretold.

Citizens United needs to be reversed. Only individual donations to elections, plus some form of Federal funding of political candidates needs to be enacted. Private funding by multimillionaires should be ended.

For all Americans to have their vote actually count, they need – as individual people – to be the sole source of private funding, supplemented by Federal financial involvement. Until this occurs, big money rules the roost.

Big money funds most every senatorial, congressional, and presidential candidate’s campaign. Without the corporate $millions needed to win, a candidate doesn’t win. Once in office, she or he is barraged with $millions in corporate lobbying.

The private citizen’s voice is effectively buried. And the result is predictable: giant corporations win, elected politicians win, private citizens lose. It’s a rigged game, and has been for a long time.

A long-predicted third party must actually arise to combat the faux Democrats vs Republicans struggle. Something like an American Labor Party. The workers of America need a party of their own. They require a formal political voice to protect their interests.

Whether the American people have the will to stand up and create it is another matter. The issues of the day are so daunting that getting people organized for such a venture becomes the challenge.

Bernie Sanders almost got such a ball rolling, but overly stressed a Socialist agenda. Most Americans still favor some form of private enterprise, ensuring a person’s right to form a corporation and do business.

This is what Western Europe and Canada have had for ages. Despite conservative claims to the contrary, these nations do combine capitalism with federal social support systems, helping individual citizens knocked about by competitive earthquakes maintain their economic footing.

America needs to come to grips with this concept. It is long past due. If it occurs, it will of course not be initiated by Trump. However, its creation would help displace him and his kind. I suspect the time may be actually ripe for this.

One may hope.

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