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Why No Current “From My Corner”

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Why No Current “From My Corner.”

My silence as the writer of “From My Corner” commentaries is not due to having no opinions regarding the world’s and America’s state of affairs. Two other thoughts motivate my recent lack of words.

First, I find the Trump presidency so utterly absurd I am tired of adding my two bits worth to the mass of rational words already being spoken against him. As I’ve often said, I think his is a short-term appearance on the U.S. and world political stage.

If I were to say anything, I would simply comment that what I think Americans want today in their next president above all policies and ideas is a person with a rational thinking mind.

Relevant to this, I note that one man certainly carries himself and conducts himself with a seemingly rational mind – and that is Rex Tillerson, I bet if he gathered some smart people about himself, he might well be the guy to knock Trump off his perch.

Otherwise, I have not been writing or making video commentaries because I have been busy dealing with the mass o details required to publish actual print versions of my two already published Kindle books.

Getting them into actual printed paper books is a task. But at the end of March the first one will be completed and ready for sale and purchase on Amazon, through my website, and probably through a select group of retailers across the country.

So – permit me to promote it to you. It’s title, as you will find in the fiction page of my website, is: “I Can’t Hear The Drums Anymore.” It is a collection of fifteen stories I wrote over a forty year period.

It contains tales of relatively common Americans facing life as citizens of the United States: a variety of occupations, skin colors, and personalities. Most mature readers report they have found them a fun stroll though unique places.

May I suggest that if you occasionally enjoy the speculative forecasts of fiction crafters, you’ll like them too. You may read the first story in the collection online at before deciding to buy or not.

You can buy it now as a Kindle book for $7, and in a month you will be able to buy the print version for $14. I’m so biased about them I predict if you do buy one, I’m safe in guaranteeing them: If you don’t like them, I’ll personally return your money.

In the meantime, keep Mr. Tillerson in mind. I would not be surprised if some other people also find him a rational mind in the violent political Trump ocean of misfits and weird characters.

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