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The Perpetual Farce

Howell Hurst People


The Perpetual Farce

The comprehensive ridiculousness of the Trump presidency astounds the rational mind. Its fundamental philosophy is the simple outright theft of anything not firmly tied down.

As a giveaway program to the shallowest minds of the country, it is unexcelled in American history. It contains no vision whatsoever for the common American citizen. Rather, it is pure basic robbery of their birthrights by the wealthy.

Trump’s still-wet-behind-the-ears son in law, actually unable to obtain a top security clearance, is empowered to manage a wide range of national issues requiring experience and wisdom.

Corruption in the billions of dollars clearly motivating many aides, Trump personally gleans millions from use by ethically-challenged figures of several of his buildings as the base of their operations.

Scientific governmental studies germane to climate-related integrity are gutted. The diplomatic agenda of the State Department is decimated. Environmental laws by simple attrition are cast off as irrelevant.

Millions without incomes are further isolated from our economy by massive tax giveaways to giant corporations. Middle class incomes inherit the bill for this debacle.

Republican Senators and Congress members fold into the strangeness of things like softened strips of spaghetti in boiling waters. Insistently confrontational Democrats’ voices soundlessly protest.

The press and the nation adapt themselves to the craziness as were it the most natural thing in the world. So long as stars emerge each night and a sun shines by day, everything is calmly accepted as the new norm.

North Korea quietly sends augmenting products to Russian-supported Syrian nerve gas factories killing civilian war casualties. Many children die. The international war industry endlessly thrives from the profits.

Thousands of nuclear weapons rest in ill-defined locations of the planet as religiously-crazed Jihadists yearn to acquire them. Multimillion dollar plans devise the next generation of mass destructiveness.

Amidst thousands of resisting words, advertising of products engulfs any attempt to meaningfully confront this frenzied dementia. Blithely we all just go along with the flow as were it all foreordained – desired, expected, embraced.

I look for the slightest glimmer of sanity among the utter preposterousness of the situation: I peek into precipitous valleys, look up to the top of high mountains, peer under deep seas. None appears to emerge.

It may not be hopeless. However, it certainly feels like it. No, I doubt it is that bad. But the answer has not yet made its way to the surface of our slumbering communal consciousness. I’m just waiting. It must come. It is certainly all too crazy to continue unchallenged.


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