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The World’s Militancy

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The World’s Militancy

There quite simply is no rational justification for the militant stance of all major political powers of the world. That they do not discuss the futility of spending trillions of dollars executing war against one another is utterly irresponsible. It can be accurately described, one might propose, by no other word than stupid.

The emotional insensitivity of the world’s leaders, augmented by the vacuum of their thinking is disturbing. With irrational terrorists daily bombing worldwide almost at will, the anxious mood of countries is constantly increased.

Heads of nations seem hypnotized by the situation. Defense manufacturing executives spend small fortunes advertising their multi-million-dollar weapons of mass destruction as the ultimate sources of stability and eventual peace.

Do these leaders have any agenda among themselves to hold regular meetings about how to initiate mutual arms reduction? Not a word. Do the immensely wealthy executives of the highly profitable defense companies ever raise the issue?

It appears that the profit motive overrides all other considerations. Religious zealots from all sides site their ideologies as justification for organized murder. Military businesses continue as the leading industries of the planet.

Literally millions of people are displaced, homeless, and destitute because of these profit-generating wars. Not a single active initiative from any quarter to work toward disarmament takes center stage anywhere.

Fervent militant rhetoric comes from all factions fighting for their passionate belief that they are justified in continuing this obviously destructive behavior. Anyone raising the issue as relevant is likely to be branded hopelessly idealistic, if not outright mentally unbalanced.

Any candidate for office most anywhere proposing the worldwide reduction of military weapons would likely be laughed off the political stage. The financial and human cost of this phenomenon is astronomical.

The expenditure of billions of dollars are being planned by our own government to replace with new technology all of the atomic weapons of the United States. Not a word of opposition to this emerges forcefully from the press.

The subject of human governments being the most dangerous institutions on the earth is never raised by anyone. Instead, the insipidly shallow words of politicians focused on preserving the financial sanctity of the situation dominate the news.

America’s own middle class sit for the most part silently at home watching the entire spectacle without personal involvement evident. Wasteful consumption, relative luxury, false security, and unengaged silence rule their day.

This description I paint is not a joke. It is the existential threat of our time. And it remains invisible on the allegedly civilized national and international scene as an entire planet watches from the tenuous comfort of their sofas or their exposed holes in the ground.

Many of America’s religious leaders are staunch supporters of this irrational status quo. Their active sanctioning of this state of affairs is humiliatingly self-evident. They actually send their pastors to say prayers before the various wars.

As said, any politician proposing all national leaders meet and discuss such matters would be laughed off the stage. The voice of established responsible leadership is largely mute on the subject. Meanwhile, thousands of religious zealots continue to bomb innocent people worldwide.

It can only be a matter of time until one of the existing nuclear devices is acquired by fanatic ideological cretins. Therefore, the obvious question is: who, where, in a position of power and influence, will address the issue and initiate a movement to discuss it?

America, as the still currently wealthiest nation of the world, and the acknowledged leading marketer of weapons of mass destruction on the planet, cannot even keep the doors of its government open, let alone explore this subject.

What is required for the American middle class public to get off the couch to organize and raise this issue? What will it take for the media to support such a movement by giving it the legitimacy of serious coverage?

What is required to wake up this nation’s citizens? What is required to wake up the planet’s leaders?

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