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Christmas Just Passed

Howell Hurst People


Christmas Just Passed

While we reveled in the season, I also counted the ways I am disturbed by the present world.

It doesn’t comfort me that a nation largely claiming Christianity as its philosophical belief, methodically concentrates 90% of its energy on acquiring personal wealth. That disturbs me.

It doesn’t comfort me that the Leader of our country claims Christianity as his belief system, while his behavior demonstrates an essentially alternative conviction. That disturbs me.

Most Christian philosophy is desirable: not killing one another makes a lot of sense. The same is true for not bedding one’s neighbor’s mate. Just generally being peaceful is a fine idea. Treating others as you would be treated is entirely rational.

So, I wonder, why don’t most people claiming Christianity seriously pursue its philosophy? Why are most utterly hypocritical in how they demonstrate their incapacity to live their alleged beliefs?

It is no secret I doubt the actual reality of a God, either spiritual or physical. But, I do appreciate the idea that such a perfect being would be a great role model and mentor – if he or she truly existed.

The problem is that The Word versus The Deed of humans indicates the faithful have a hard time tangibly believing their actual spiritual or physical God exists. They cannot achieve their alleged spiritual goal. Why are they having such a problem?

It’s not an easy question to answer. Perhaps its due to inadequate education. It may be a lack of introspection. Or plain laziness. The faithful commonly say it’s because humans are sinners: essentially failures in the intensity of their belief.

I question this premise. The Hubble Telescope and other spacecraft have travelled several millions of miles into space. No Heaven has yet been discovered. What has time and again actually been discovered are new facts that begin to lead us closer and closer to verifiable truths about the very real Universe and our place in it.

The dichotomy of what we profess to believe versus the observed facts of the Universe present us with a disconcerting paradox. If our belief is real, why are we having such a hard time realizing it?

The possible answer, that what we generally profess we believe may – in fact – not exist, is not comforting. It is, however, worth examining in far greater depth than most people are inclined to do.

I personally believe we have suppressed our inherent human fintelligence and replaced it with far less mentally-taxing superstition. In this past Christmas season, when once again we spent $billions on gifts for one another, I suggest ours is a mentally feeble effort disguising our year-long neglect of what we periodically profess to believe.

Despite this belief, I hope you all enjoyed the season. I wish you introspection in the coming year. There is nothing more helpful than scouring the insides of our heads to dispel outworn ideas and discover new truths.

I’ll be working on cleaning my mental house this year. Hopefully, you’ll be doing the same.


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