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The Time of Our Life

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The Time of Our Life

Uniquely, we observe our news media repeatedly shocked by Mr. Trump’s Twitter Tremors as Mr. Mueller’s investigation continues to surface facts about Trump’s financial affairs. Facts Mr. Trump has kept secret by refusing to publish his tax returns.

The financial facts indicate that funds from Russian billionaires have repeatedly passed into Deutsche Bank. Concurrently, Deutsche Bank has loaned Mr. Trump hundreds of millions of dollars while American banks have largely refused to do business with Mr. Trump.

American banks have refused to loan Trump money because he has a long history of not paying back his loans to them. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump declines to view any news medium but the dramatically-skewed perspective of Fox and its ultra rightist kin.

A medical doctor remarked to me recently that people who appear to be Narcissistic Sociopaths, those very aggressive, very pushy, and prone to distort truth, also sometimes quietly take drugs to maintain a degree of internal stability.

That would be an engaging concept for Mueller to investigate, would it not? Imagine the potential implications if a country’s ceo were secretly sniffing a little Amphetamine dust to maintain his mental balance. I wonder if Mr. Trump would permit Mueller to administer a drug test? In the interest of science, of course.

Meanwhile, it looks like the government may actually financially shut down and miss making various payments due. The Republicans, controlling both the Senate and the House of Representatives appear unable to keep enough money in the bank to pay their bills.

But, they still pass a new tax code that lowers taxes on the wealthy while maintaining taxes on the economic middle class, whom they claim to care for with great sensitivity.

As Mr. Mueller sticks close to Russian money trails leading toward Mr, Trump’s finances, rumbles still emerge now and again that Trump may fire Mr. Mueller.

Should Mr. Trump fire Mr. Mueller at this highly tender moment, as Mr. Mueller begins to clarify so many touchy Trump financial facts, we may rest assured that Mr. Trump will find himself facing some very stiff opposition from many points of political, judicial, and business compasses.

Engrossing times we live in, wouldn’t you agree?

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