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Sharing The Wealth

Howell Hurst Economy & Finance, People, Poverty


The human animal’s inability to share among all people the immense wealth that the earth and each nation possess increasingly astounds me. In America particularly, the fruitless and indestructible jobs battle international corporations wage against humanity astounds.

Some recent studies document how many corporate employees work over 40 hours weekly, while tens of thousands (probably totaling millions) of Americans need and want jobs and income.

Do the Corporations see these potential workers as an asset? Do they envision establishing schools to teach them job skills? Do they envision lowering the weekly working hour limit to 30 or 35 and sharing these freed-up available work hours with the unemployed?

Do the 40+ hours-per-week workers/consumers, all who rent extra storage space beyond their garages, attics, and basements to store excess purchases in – do they not see how their working fewer hours would help employment and the general economy?

Economists have long predicted today: a time where automation could permit all to work few hours and live sustainably. Do not academicians and government officials see how much money would be saved employing the unemployed than providing welfare payments?

The entire concept of using the power of computer automation to reduce per-worker hours, and thereby create new jobs, eliminating unemployment, is entirely absent from public debate.

Everyone keeps looking for ways to create new jobs eliminated by the automation, and international job outsourcing. Meanwhile, statistics idicate that organizing work-sharing would save much money now expended on outmoded welfare policies.

Does anyone listen? Is anyone considering the concept of sharing all work with all Americans? Does anyone reading this know of any such program? If so, let me know what you know.



PS: In the meantime, work is progressing on my video production studio. Certain technical problems are being worked out. But, things are moving forward. It won’t be too terribly long before these commentaries will come to you as Videos. Patience.

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2 thoughts on “Sharing The Wealth

  1. Unemployment in the USA is at a 10 year low. Employers are begging for workers, but there aren’t enough qualified applicants. This is why they hire foreign workers, and why American corporations build their facilities in other countries.

    1. And I ask why corporations do not establish job training to bring all those who gave up on jobs instead of outsourcing them? Why not educate all the racial minorities who’ve never really been in the job market, but have been criminalized?

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