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Narcissistic Sociopath (“NS”) Report

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The Narcissistic Sociopath (“NS”) has not yet declared war on and attacked North Korea. Perhaps he is having second thoughts. Otherwise, his relentless verbal confrontation with the entire world continues, although temporarily fairly calm.

Lately, all he has done is totally misinterpret certain United Kingdom Crime reports as being caused by nationwide Terrorism – as he continues to excite his Minority Voter Base. All utterly incorrect according to UK authorities.

Also, while a for-profit U.S. prison allows an inmate to die while ignoring his pleas for medical assistance, the “NS” says nothing about this. But he continues to obsess about Blacks not standing for the National Anthem as they protest U.S. racism.

The “NS” has created a modest row between himself and the parents of a dead U.S. Soldier killed in action. Seems he cannot say anything calling for human empathy without sticking in a nasty comment or two about how it upsets his precious office.

Both Obama and Bush have agreed in separate public speeches that the “NS” is a disturbing presence on the American political scene. This is one good aspect of the “NS’s” effect: creating new alliances from past political enemies.

So, all is relatively calm for the moment on the Western Front.

Good news, huh?

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One comment on “Narcissistic Sociopath (“NS”) Report

  1. Calm is good, but complacency is not. We are still at risk of the destruction of our society, as long as he is president. We must force him to resign, the sooner the better.

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