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The Cult of Trump

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Mr. Trump seeks $35 Billion in new nuclear-related defense funds, but will not commit adequate relief funds to send enough U.S. defense helicopters to Puerto Rico to actually distribute food, water, and medical supplies now wasting in shipping containers at the port of San Juan.

Puerto Ricans, American Citizens, still languor in far reaches of the island, desperate for these food, water, and medical items. And as that has continued, Mr. Trump yesterday in a press conference personally tossed paper towels into the assembled crowd. What was that bizarre act supposed to signify?

Have we ever seen such a pitiful demonstration of gross human insensitivity? Never, have we seen a man visiting an island’s people devastated by a hurricane, throwing paper towels at them in a press conference. The scene defies rational explanation.

$35 Billions for additional nuclear defense, and Mr. Trump complains to the Puerto Ricans how their storm is disturbing his U.S. Federal budget. What kind of mind lives inside this man’s fevered head?

The common description of him is that he is quite likely a narcissistic personality with no ability whatsoever to empathize with other people about any matter under the sun. That he literally suffers from a psychological imbalance.

The people of Puerto Rico are finally beginning to receive help from many private outside sources. This is good. We must finally realize quite simply that Mr. Trump and his team do not have human beings on their minds.

Rather, they are focusing on the continued undercover dismantling of many of the past two centuries’ institutions of governmental management, and working to replace them with a Cult of Trump.

Remember, however, polls indicate 60% of all Americans are dead set against this Cult achieving its goals. Only 30% or so still cling fanatically to Trump’s Cult. Two-to-one opposing odds still suggest a rational end to Trump’s fantasies of power are on the horizon.

Keep the faith, I say.

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