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Puerto Rico and The Don

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Does the man have absolutely no human sensitivity whatsoever?

The people of Puerto Rico are into the second week after the most devastating possible catastrophe, and the president can do nothing but attack the Mayor of San Juan for having expressed that people are in life-threatening danger for lack of basic necessities to life.

His first comments on finally visiting the island were to praise himself and his efforts at getting supplies to the people. But, the fact that the goods sat for days without anyone being able distribute them totally eluded his comprehension.

The islanders were asked by Washington-based government officials to “apply on the Internet for help” while they had no electricity, no access to the Internet. They had to wait sometime up to 15 hours to get gas for their cars and trucks.

The inability to envision the hospitals totally without power to operate necessary equipment flew completely over his head. People needing dialysis were unable to have it.

An acquaintance of mine, one of the Don’s staunch fans, complained to me about the media’s constant lies about his beloved president. He refused to watch any stations such as NPR or CBS, ABC, NBC that carried the San Juan Mayor’s desperate plea for help to save lives.

The Don instead obsessed about how He was being mistreated by the major. The man is a emotional cross between a flexing boa constrictor and a hovering cobra in his attitude toward everyone he meets.

His lack of human empathy is astounding. That of his followers seems to be even more astounding.

I would like to write about something else, but the irony of his actually having the responsibility he has acquired and his utter human incompetence to fulfill his job demands that he be held accountable.

He is utterly offensive to me. When will we be free of him? When, if ever, will the one-third of all Americans who share his equally self-centered lack of humane awareness awaken to his and their mental state?

No response appears forthcoming. I suppose we should just stop expecting any. Hopefully the reality of the situation will sensitize the rest of us to the importance of empathy and understanding in relations with others.

Hopefully we may all take a lesson to heart.

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