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Beyond Politics of The Absurd

Howell Hurst Uncategorized


European Theatre of The Absurd writings in the late 1950’s, like “Krapp’s Last Tape” and “Waiting for Godot,” attacked the comfortable standards of literature and drama. I propose today we are now in America experiencing: Politics of The Absurd.

Both Mr. Trump and the Media are engaged in this up to their ears. They certainly are not in it up to their brains. Neither has gotten that far. For example, the latest Media buzz is that Mr. Trump “dictated” comments his son spouted to the press about his meeting with the Russian Lawyer trying to give him dirt on Ms. Clinton.

No one in Media, however, has yet identified precisely who has claimed this. They just report it as news that is actually fact. Now, no one can accuse me of being in love with Don Trump. He is not my ideal president. But . . .

. . . Today’s Media aren’t acting like role models for responsible reporting either. When the sources of their alleged news are frequently unidentified and unnamed, how can we take them seriously?

“Politicized” media, not always reporting news but often creatively producing it from deep-seated biases both Left and Right, do us a disservice. How can we possibly make sense of what is so often literally probable nonsense?

Listening to and viewing what is frequently unjustified, biased opinion from both sides, and treating it like news, has us all missing the point of news. Particularly, political news.

Political news should get below the foolish rhetoric, beyond the silly words of politicians, to inspect how they are manipulating the mechanism of government that tangibly affect our lives.

Words used, as Mr. Trump and others tend to use them to advance their own biases and business interests, are essentially irrelevant. Trump is, for example, under the surface promoting the increased short-term use of fossil fuels: he encourages the continued oil industry interests.

This occurs as an increasing world population goes through resources as if they were infinite, which they are not: we, for instance, have been burying vast quantities of valuable resources in landfills since the end of World War II in order to financially plunder new ones.

We pretend, for instance, to recycle largely in a fantasyland of deception that helps keep fossil fuel industries in profits. From my own state, Oklahoma, a fossil fuel addict has become the director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Talk about the Fox guarding the Henhouse! Here it is. But, let’s not get lost in petty details. The substantial issue is the endless, frenetic Media feeding frenzy, reporting so much baloney as news, which is biased one way or the other.

Our mainstream media seem incapable of digging into what deals Mr. Trump’s sons are attempting to pull off with his assets, as he continues to create media smokescreens diverting our attention away from these shenanigans.

Whose businesses is he helping? Who will profit from his underlying actions as he Twitters us all into numbness with his 140 character antics? And who will owe him big time when, sooner or later, he is finally out of office?

Mr. Trump is largely in this game for two reasons: to keep the media spotlight on his fragile ego and to make money. That is my personal opinion. I believe it is correct; otherwise, why does he so fervently hide his IRS returns?

Others and I are beginning to search for details of his subterranean doings. As they and I get more into them, I’ll keep you informed. They are, and will increasingly be, interesting – to those wanting to separate fact from fantasy, rather than simply continuing to amble through the flashy media zoo.

The one filled with Unicorns and other curious bits of make believe.

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