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The Future Is Still Arriving

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Our present Executive leadership possesses severely limited intellectual capacity, misguiding our country from deeply insecure recesses of a self-centered personality. Only 35% of us philosophically support the Executive. 60% oppose. 5% are undecided.

The percentages are based on various national surveys of the American public’s political opinion. The question arises from the figures quoted, why do we accept such obvious dysfunction?

It has to do with the fundamental ideology of American citizens. We actually believe that a more rational government is possible than we have produced. It reflects an innate respect for the process of Law.

Except for ever-recurring criminals, average men and women in the street hold to the principle that valid Laws are vital. Despite our distinct revolutionary past, this deeply-moderating influence on our collective behavior always guides us.

It is one of our most admirable national traits. It is not too bad an acquired characteristic for the children of a bunch of poor rag tag immigrants, who founded this country less than 300 years ago.

Our current challenge of an Executive with an unrelenting narcissistic obsession, is well served by our respect for valid Law. His inability to focus on the needs of the country, due to his uncontrollable fascination with himself, is his Achille’s heel.

Mahatma Gandhi always stressed that the key strength of the human mind of a healthy person is self restraint. When restraint is missing, that mind’s power is dissipated. And the restrained reassert themselves.

Our collective job now is to confront this Executive dissipation with continued communal focus, and allow our constitutionally-mandated democratic power to fully manifest itself. It is to retain faith in our system of government.

Our system of government is not failing. In a moment of our collective inattention, an aberration has simply blundered into the Executive office. And our attention has returned to help us face our responsibility to ourselves.

Our American democracy is a practical collective consciousness of unique proportions. We may not be reacting with the speed we would prefer, but we are functioning as intended by those who conceived and wrote our constitution.

Believe it. A better tomorrow is in the works.

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