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Let’s Meet Kim Jung-un

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

North Korea’s leader lives in a recent family culture at least a couple of hundred years old, and in a country culture several thousand years old. He is mentally and psychologically isolated from what we consider our normal world.

So, it is logical that from his perspective, we, the USA with our mighty military, are a danger to him. We should recognize that and deal with him accordingly. One of our basketball players was able to fly over and meet him. Why does our President not offer to do the same?

I venture in all seriousness, that a presidential visit for a few day’s personal conversation would likely spawn a substantially new potential relationship with Kim Jung-un. Let’s face it: he needs money and any and all kinds of consumer support he can get. We could accommodate such a need.

If we acknowledged this, we would likely defuse the lighted stick of nuclear dynamite we already possess, which he strives for. Our present mixed message of alleging to want peace with him, but threatening a preemptive military strike is essentially telling him, “Do what we want or we will kick the sh_it out of you.”

Such a stance by us is not laced with any nuance whatsoever. It is as provocative as his nuclear ambitions. It is a stupid strategy. Few people, unless they are certifiably insane, are totally immune to being treated with respect, even the most out of touch dictatorial murderers.

Hawks will call my suggestion ridiculous and idealistic. I don’t’ care what they call it. It almost always pays to talk to perceived enemies. Talk worked for Obama in arranging a deal with Iran, which the Trump administration admits is now working fairly well.

And if such a move should not accomplish what we wish, well I’ll appease the Hawks by telling them, if that happens then they can still kick the sh_it out of him.

So, what’s to be lost by such an experiment?

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One comment on “Let’s Meet Kim Jung-un

  1. I totally agree with you, however, the guy we have in the White house is totally incapable of thinking that way.He thinks he owns it and can mandate whatever he pleases come hell or high water, no mater that the rest of the world believes the opposite, Unless he is impeached or worse, the die is set and no mtter what, this time, unfortunately I believe we are going to lose!

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