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Our Emerging Young Country

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

The older I get, the more I view everything not in the frantic frenetic erratic way that most everyone does in this illiterate age that has been created by a bunch of digital techno-bureaucrats without a scintilla of human sensitivity in them; but rather, I view things in the long term perspective of the potential future of the human race.

Our country at a little over 250 years is just barely arrived on the world’s scene. The current chaos, which we accept as just the way things are, is in my opinion a temporary madness that has overtaken us. The same for the entire world: it is the entire human race only scarcely evolved out of the trees and striving fretfully toward some as-yet unattained fruition.

Seventy-seven years ago – the blink of an eye – the United States won World War II with a nuclear invention all of us on this planet have somehow not yet obliterated ourselves with, but are still strenuously and irrationally working to perfect.

We, the U.S., came out of that war the richest country, and the fastest and biggest gun in the world, and figured we would just keep things that way. Our corporations went around the world, exploiting resources almost everywhere, usually with little care for the consequences to the local natives wherever we went, and brought home the booty in raw materials and food and finished goods.

We for decades, with only 1/6th the earth’s people, consumed 60% of the earth’s production! We built ourselves a selfish culture that is today spoiled to the hilt. We are still economically the richest. Our military is physically based on over 150 countries worldwide. We straddle the earth with our arrogance.

Our current government has sold its followers on the scam that the world has taken advantage of us. The claim is as irresponsible as any government has ever made.

In the short run while the young and needy, and those who are politically enlightened in America, have filled the streets protesting the turn of events, much of the solid middle class of the country, whom the politicians on both sides cater to with shameless greed, have sat on their torpid backsides and done little but complain.

The well-meaning, but commonly-unenlightened and uninvolved middle class, need to get off their butts and become engaged in helping correct the course of events. The immensely wealthy Plutocrats, who are passionate about further exploiting their greed, appear bent on decimating almost every sense of human decency America has come to stand for. Their motives are highly suspect.

Some people have accused me of being anti-corporate. I am not anti-corporate.

I am anti-corporations who refuse to understand that they are dependent on the labor and creativity of 320,000,000 Americans, who are the basic foundation of their wealth.

I believe the American middle class should get up off the TV couch and go join all the activist demonstrators of the country. They should demand that the wealthy corporations pick up all the tens of thousands of homeless in most every large city of the country and return honor to their lives: that they should lead the humane recovery of all immigrants and refugees worldwide.

The politically-idle middle class should – most especially – require that the corporations invest their massive accumulated profits in carefully recovering every single one of our citizens they have forfeited on their path to their inordinate wealth.

The country should have a national health care program that covers every single American. It should have schooling for all who want it – as does Germany and most Western European Countries.

The middle class could literally lead a strike of all working Americans who are not wealthy, and in one week forcefully demonstrate to the wealthy elite corporate management precisely how dependent on their employees, small business entrepreneurs, and workers they are.

Every doctor, truck driver, restaurant owner, private farmer – everyone who is not actually rich, who only at best owns one house and one car, and one private storage bin filled with unneeded purchases – should get out in the streets and help bring the economy to a dead halt for a few days, and watch the corporate leaders quake.

Then, maybe we could begin to rebuild this country together – by educationally and economically incorporating each of us from bottom to top, making sure no one is left in the streets while the wealthy build their third and fourth homes, and order their next more luxurious jets and limousines, and fifth and sixth homes.

If I’ve left out how this could be put together practically, hang in there. I’ll get to more detail in future writings. Plus, I’ll provide a philosophical treatise into how this might affect the future of the entire human race by returning America from a dorky nerdy digital country to one managed as if real people, not corporate persons, were truly important.

And if I haven’t really clearly expressed how I feel about all this – I’ll get to that too!

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