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Trump’s Fake Communication

Howell Hurst Uncategorized


I make no secret about my dislike of Mr. Trump’s perverted communication with other people. He is the crudest talker to have come down the pike in a long time: a quite accomplished fellow at presenting falsehoods as truth.

Any stalwart supporters of his, who are unable to acknowledge how often he makes statements that subsequently are proved to be utterly unfounded in fact, have in my opinion their own seriously malfunctioning cognitive disorders.

Rational Cognition is the process of analyzing available facts and being able to come up with relatively logical, cautiously-stated conclusions. Mr. Trump makes so many outrageous statements that prove to be false, one cannot really take his spoken or Twittered comments seriously.

His ability to distort and misrepresent things to support his viewpoint is, on one level, admirable: he is the most provocative at this of any public figure I’ve ever seen. He is a master of mendacity. Unfortunately, he does this on an international stage, and it tarnishes America’s credibility.

He just accused Germany’s leader Angela Merkel of her country owing massive sums of money to NATO, a claim immediately reputed by the international press, thus abusing the goodwill of one of our major democratic allies. He also equated his totally unsupported assertion of Obama’s alleged tapping his phone to our once apparently documented tapping of Merkel’s.

Other examples by the score exist of his misrepresentations. Anyone ignoring them has to be nearsightedly ideological. The man is a slippery salesman who knows how to bait the international media and keep a focused spotlight on himself to enthrall his base constituency.

He appears to believe that any press is good press. This is a slippery slope. Although he obsesses about his place in the spotlight, if he actually had a rational cognitive process he would know that narcissism is a seductively destructive drug.

Trump is neither a Conservative, nor certainly a Liberal. At best, he is only an illusionist. I believe an eventual basic truth will emerge about him that deletes his distorted vision of America, and returns us to more basic human common sense behavior.

Those who embrace him as their economic savior, I suggest, will find in the end that he does not deliver to them what he claims he can. Why? Because he is not a rational thinker. All he does is create chaos to capture him headlines. That’s it. Full stop. His total strategy.

Surely, news headlines’ repeated factual exposure of his misstatements will eventually implant in the public’s mind the reality of his malfunctioning thinking process. And that will capture him in a trap of his own design.





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