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I Have A Complaint To File

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

In a world where tens of millions of people are homeless, starving, immediately doomed to hopeless deaths, what kind of mind would a person possess who has gold bathroom fixtures in his private apartments? And what kind of enemies would he face who decapitate people on live Internet feeds to the world?

What kind of person would plan to spend $54 Billion on new military armaments, while already controlling a military larger than the next seven nations of the planet, when only $4 Billion could save all of the starving from dying?

What kind of minds would it take? While these millions starved and the media daily reported about them, what kind of minds would daily watch the media to see how they personally on each side were being portrayed? What kind of minds would hypnotically Twitter about that?

While one ate sumptuously each day in his private mansion or in his own restaurants, would he also install gold fixtures in their bathrooms? If not, would he miss them as the millions began to die? Would the sword wielders notice the starving as they died?

Would the owner of the gold plated bathroom fixtures ever consider that the military he controlled – due to the battles they were fighting against the sword wielders – helped contribute to the existence of the starving people?

Would he ever consider attempting to persuade his various enemies to temporarily halt their slaughter while he gathered up $4 Billion to feed the starving? Might he ever ponder the effect world opinion might have of him if he would just try it one time, instead of automatically building more weapons?

And what kind of well-fed, well-housed, well-kempt, complacent people inhabit the earth, who anoint such minds as these to rule? Do you suppose there is a psychological definition for such minds as all these?

Can anyone tell me what it is called? I would like to file a complaint.

Does anyone know whom one files such a complaint with?

Oh! On one other matter:

Since I hear we need even more, rather than less, laborers to work our farms and other jobs than we have internally available, why is our defense spender wanting to build a wall to keep out all these people from down south who would like to come north to work the jobs?

Where can I ask about that?

I dislike bothering you about all this.

But, you know, I was just wondering.

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