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Waddling and Quacking

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Trump’s Immigration Ban” and Mitch McConnell’s blocking Senator Warren’s free speech criticizing Mr. Sessions deserve a brief note.

Most media report that Mr. Trump was totally incorrect when he said American crime was up. Or was it just murder? I forget. Whichever, it’s not up. It’s at its lowest point in several decades. So, the Donald’s wild claim was, if not a lie, at least what we might call a Fib. Mr. McConnell’s blocking Ms. Warren’s speech is another issue entirely.

If we remember the old saying that if something waddles and quacks it is probably a duck, we have a delightful opportunity to propose a metaphorical basis for comment on this political situation.

Assume a Fib is ‘Waddling’ and that blocking Ms. Warren’s free speech is “Quacking.” Both remind us of behavior that in past world leaders constituted fascistic political strategies. I mean, when you fib and you block opposing free speech you are no longer on sound democratic territory. You’re definitely leaning a bit toward a fascistic mentality.

Now, I doubt most people would go so far as to dub Trump or Mitch out-and-out Fascists.  But, to me, they do seem to be acting like what I’d call, “Ducky.’ So using our metaphorical terminology, I propose it reasonable to suggest that, if not Fascists, the two men, conservatively speaking, are at least Waddling and Quacking.

Will Roger’s would have agreed on that, I bet.

As nervous and edgy as most people are today, whatever their political philosophy, my remarks will probably just make you madder than hell and determined not to take it any more.

Forget I said it.

Go for a walk in the woods.

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