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Trump vs Trump:

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

This man appears to be one of the most remarkably self-centered persons I have ever observed in my lifetime. His obsession of measuring every human event that occurs within his hearing and sight by his personally-imagined relevance about it to himself is truly astounding. I am divided between incredulity and pity for the state of his mind.

His utter lack of self-examination is the incredible part. His apparently uncontrollable inability to mentally disconnect himself from this self-absorption is the pitiable part. Are we viewing a man who is mentally unbalanced? That is the question that arises in my mind. We must certainly all hope it is not that advanced a malady.

If he is indeed battling demons inside himself with himself, surely it must be on an unconscious level. Conceiving him to be consciously in charge of the remarks he continuously makes about matters so entirely irrelevant to the needs of the nation is too dumbfounding to contemplate without tinges of paranoia.

My feelings toward him are similar to those I feel for a close relative who is bi-polar. My relative’s behavior is to me despicable, but I attempt to suppress my anger and dislike with the understanding that she cannot control her thoughts. It is, of course, of little consequence I cannot do anything about my relative’s mental condition.

However, regarding a man elected to lead a nation, a potential mental issue becomes vitally pertinent to over three hundred million Americans and millions of world citizens. All of us have problems enough without having to deal with a potentially fragile ego. We have in history seen, and do in the present see, damaging evidence of the result of such minds.

The world confronts the savagery of real carnage in the fanaticism of ISIS. It daily deals with millions of people displaced by wars fed by implements produced by highly profitable corporations, whose motives are frequently questionable. Our own country is filled with tens of thousands of homeless, many veterans of wars.

I am not fearful of this man. I have faith that many human forces will play upon him and mitigate his actions. Already inside his own camp, and definitely outside his sphere of thinking, millions have demonstrated against him.

Let us trust the collective power of American and international citizens will be able to contain any truly aberrant behavior wherein he might actually imitate in action several of the most disturbing of his words.

As Gloria Steinem said most articulately in the Washington women’s march, that remains our collective responsibility. It is one we dare not abdicate.

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