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What Dolts: Select Male Newspaper Editors

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Hillary Front Page Photos Blocked

It has taken the BBC to produce the truest headline of the day. The BBC two days ago declared: “Hillary Clinton Nominated for president, but not for the front page.” The BBC (technically before the final formal nomination) went on to document that The Wall Street Journal and scores of other American newsapers declined the publishing of Ms. Clinton’s photograph on its front pages ,while reporting in plain English her nomination, after that nomination had been nationally acknowledged by the Democrats.

Instead, The WSJ printed a photo of Bernie Sanders, their arch enemy, rather than acknowledge Ms. Clinton for her historic achievement as the first major party female candidate. Some American papers did not even put her obvious nomination on the front page. Some papers, reports the BBC, did not even mention Hillary’s pending nomination at all! Yes, they can claim a photo was premature because the vote was not yet official, but that is similar to how they always said in articles about Bernie Sanders that he could never win. It was obviously a deliberate slight.

While pasivelly maligning Ms. Clinton, they missed the real story: their own bigotry, egotism, self-centered importance, and narcissistic male supremacy complexes. A relative of mine objects I use words too big to understand. Well, let me use one here: the American newspaper editors who blocked Clinton’s photo are Misogynistic. To my relative who may not own a dictionary – if you still read my writing, I suggest you hop on out to the local library and look that word up. With a dubious opponent to contend with, Hillary has been deliberately slighted by these porcine male editors.
The only way to conclude this commentary is to quote from my headline:
“What Dolts!”


PS: Can I be faulted for commenting about the Wall Street Journal and other papers about the missing photos? Sure, I guess so. But I defend myself by accepting my own inflated male ego. And I proclaim my right to want to see the leadership edge in America pass to women for a while. They sure as hell can’t make any bigger mess of things than the men have. Present Republican candidate as example.

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