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What Donald Trump Needs:

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

I just watched the entire one-hour rally Trump held in Arizona. For the first time, I begin to see the rough outline plan this man is presenting that attracts his audience. It is disappointing that while his message exhibits several valid grains of truth, he is so rough around the edges, that he exhibits such a gutter fight mentality.

It is a shame that this man has built his campaign by slandering opposition of all types, upon outright disrespect he has expressed for women, minorities, and anyone differing with him upon any issue. Any truths he tells, and there are some truths he expresses, any of these remain offset by his street fighter style.

Rather than speaking respectfully of opposing views and fighting them with rational rhetoric, he depends on hateful speech. I believe his problem is that as a confirmed street fighter, he simply is not an empathetic man. His style is to bully weakling personalities – when it could be to effectively persuade a much broader audience with well-constructed presentations.

If he would couch his presentation in positive rather than hateful terms, what is the broad outline of his proposed tactics for America?

  1. Define a Legal Immigration policy for entry into the U.S.; and enforce it.
  2. Beat ISIS.
  3. Negotiate stronger deals with foreign countries to get U.S. trade back in balance.
  4. Bring jobs back from foreign countries to the U.S.
  5. Create incentives to keep U.S. businesses from moving to foreign countries.
  6. Create incentives to reestablish manufacturing jobs in the U.S.
  7. Generally, create Jobs though all of these, which is largely what he means when he parrots the code words “Make America great again.”

Who with common sense in America would not find his points relevant?

But, why can this man not see through the haze of his street fighter mentality and find the positive note that could probably turn the U.S. economy around? It is his own fault. If he will not listen to his wife and friends, who I hear are telling him to make his presentations less hateful and more positive, he will seal his own fate in this campaign.

And rightly so. We do not need a conflicted allegedly-benevolent but hateful dictator in America. We need a centered, grounded, knowledgeable philosopher leader. Philosophy is not Mr. Trump’s strong point.  It is true he has identified a psychological approach that temporarily works for him with a specific voting segment. But for the long run, his street fighter mentality will lose him the prize in the end.

A man who can arouse only the underdogs of the country, and those with low education, and those filled with fear, is not the solution for America – no matter how closely he may be identifying many of the country’s faults. His argument that his bare knuckles snazziness can carry out all he claims capable of accomplishing is not convincing to more worldly people.

Compare his style to Bernie Sanders. No one, even his political enemies, could ever doubt Bernie’s sincerity when he expresses concern for the little man in the streets. There are no gentle little birds, however, landing on Mr. Trump’s podium. If there were, and his style remained consistent, he might well mistake them for protesters and have them ejected from the hall by police.

Donald Trump is not an innately sensitive man. The Right now has a hod carrier for a potential candidate; and it needs an architect with a tough, but humanistic, vision. It is unfortunate he has such rough manners and hostile eyes. They are likely to make him many enemies, domestic and foreign, and cause him to create many obstacles out of opportunities.

Such a personality won’t work for America. Not today, not ever. We need someone who can turn obstacles into win/win affairs. Someone with the vision to win for us, for our allies, and for all those we would benefit from by turning them into allies. Instead, Mr. Trump has the vision to transform the continuing economic aftermath that still resembles a cold war into a hot one.

The very core of his personal world view is overly aggressive and defined by fear. Rather than being centered, grounded, and visionary, he strikes me as a man who is actually insecure, who has created a persona of toughness that is mentally hard for him to carry off. It seems to wear on him. This man rarely smiles. His vision is to beat up on the entire world to fit it to his idea of what life is all about.

It is the wrong vision.

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