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Yesterday’s commentary, written with an attempt at humor in the face of serious issues about our approaching election, was – I admit – a light-hearted skip through the fields of fancy regarding the eternal human condition. The current political situation is serious enough that I needed some means to bring under control my frustration, fueled by some characters pretending to be capable of leading us on through the foggy maze of life.

Although I suggested we would all live through the election, no matter who attains the highest level of leadership in our country, my sincere mind was not really in accord with the words I wrote. I really believe this election is cutting to the crux of what ails America. And who ends up being elected is very important.

The French philosopher Voltaire once laid aside his brilliant ability to apply humor to world affairs, and took an extended serious stance against some fools who were trying to gain political control. He said, sagely, “Do not let those who have sense be subjected to those who have none; and the generation that is being born will owe to us its reason and its liberty.”

America does not need a shallow flippant demagogic buffoon for a president. Life in this digital fanatic age of high technology is overly complex enough without our adding a vacillating dolt to the equation. All intelligent, well educated, experienced, caring, serious women and men need to stand up in the battle that goes on here and now, and express their views among their colleagues and friends.

And when election day finally comes, we all need to get to the polls and vote. It is only when those who have some sense remaining make their mark in this affair that we will block what would be a very stupid move on our part if we would allow our frustration to keep us from our duty.

Close friends of mine intend to vote for a man who offers no solutions other than simple stupid blunt crude tasteless guffaws of mindless crud. It is my duty to kill their vote with my vote, applied to someone who at least seems to have his or her mind in some semblance of balance and order.

If you have some sense remaining, it is your duty to do the same. We need some kind of person in the White House to maintain at least the barest minimum of common sense and restraint and caution and moderation to what has become a time of boundless frenetic frantic thinking, and just silly talk by many.

It is indeed often out of the mouths of babes that wisdom flows. Our youth think we oldsters have made a pretty mess out of the world. There is a lot of evidence they are correct. It is not my place to suggest who you vote for. But I do offer the suggestion that it is important we do what we can within our weak individual capacities.

There are a handful of voices among those running for office that resonate with some well-meaning basic human values, and hold forth a degree of sensitive compassion for the human species. They are on both sides of the political divide. I propose we all listen closely to what they say and pick one of them who at least seems to have the potential not to make dumb fools of us all.

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