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Death & Rebirth of The American Person

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

October 25, 2015

The Supreme Court decision defining corporations as “Persons” has essentially deprived us of our identity as real persons. This is not semantic word play; rather, it is a sideline effect corporations have created insuring their policies benefit them rather than American citizens.

I am not discussing just the political consequences of the corporate-person and we-who-were-once-real-persons: I am discussing the corporate person’s always desired goal: insured instant profit. The relationship between the corporate person and us has been so redefined that we human persons no longer hold a viable position in our society. Corporations have relegated us to the basic status of victims: essentially, of work slaves. Our function is to do the narrowly defined bureaucratic labor of the corporate boards and their upper management, thereafter to spend our earnings buying their products, even further increasing their profits.

We need not look far for concrete examples of this phenomenon. I bought new ink cartridges this week from a gigantic national firm. The salesman was so busy promoting another product with an alleged two-day purchase deadline that when I got home I found he had sold me that wrong ink cartridges.

At the Apple store, which I – and almost all Apple customers – must visit nearly monthly for solutions to one complex technical matter or another, over 100 people are commonly in the same communal room loudly acting out The Tower of Babel. One cannot think for the chaos. Several techies commonly help me, usually each giving different diagnoses and solutions. After I bought a new I-Phone recently, I had to return eight days in a row before they were able to program my device correctly. Two weeks later, after it had continuously malfunctioned, an Apple Headquarters online technician finally advised me to download the new software the retail store had advised me to ignore. Go figure.

We have all spent digital hours online and on phones, waiting for live customer assistance from corporations. National Public Radio has reported that real service is simply no longer deemed necessary by companies as they trim costs to enhance profits even further. I know you all know what I am talking about.

When I finally exchanged my ink, I also bought a Laptop. The store only warrants it for 14 Days. The Laptop manufacturer does not warrant it at all; they don’t stand by their own product. I am required to buy from another company a separate insurance policy, absolving the brand name manfacturer of responsibility for their product.

What does all this have to do with my “Journalistic ‘Literary’ Presidential” campaign? Simple: if you elect me President, we will jointly initiate legislation requiring all companies selling products into the United States to warranty them for a full year, or they cannot sell them in the U.S. Elect me; we will all work out the legislation’s details so that consumers, us real people, reestablish our real identity.

By the way, advise Mr. Trump that making corporations responsible for their products is just one of my proposed ways of making America great again. Are you on board with me on this? Please, don’t send me any money. Just vote for me. Pass the word.

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