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On Becoming More Conservative :

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

October 19, 2015

Always, I have stood up for the government’s right to create liberal social support legislation to financially assist people, whom corporations have tossed out on their ear as a profit making policy, to reintegrate into the economy. If corporations will not begin to take some responsibility for the financial damage their policies cause to individuals, I stand by this. However I am revisiting some government policies that seem equally oppressive to individuals.

For instance, as I depart on my ocean cruiser sailboat for Mexico, being required to pay about $60 for the right to sail into Mexican waters, I have been informed that the U.S. Government charges people sailing into our waters about $1,000 for the same right. In both cases, individual citizens coming into waters foreign to them – where they will be spending money and helping the local economy – must pay a fee or tax to government.

Notable is that in most American waters, at least, no great effort is made by either the country or the boating industry to assist economically challenged people travelling by private boat. Instead, every step of the way, it is assumed by the boating industry that the people with the boats are wealthy and can afford any price. Accordingly, they too raise the dollar cost appreciably beyond fair profits.

All of this totally neglects the fact that many people have purchased relatively low cost boats because their incomes are too low to afford houses. I am one of those. It is clear that worldwide nations seek ever more ways to inflict disguised taxes on people. Simultaneously, the benefits allegedly afforded everyone, are affordable primarily to large corporations, their wealthy top management, and key stockholders.

The obstacles to individual people safely sustaining themselves in the world are repeatedly appearing to have been created by the wealthy and their hired politicians. The Golden Rule, [He who provides the Gold, Rules] has expanded to [He who purchases the Politicians, Rules].

Awareness is steadily creeping into my brainpan how individual citizens [who legitimately are empowered by their alleged democracies to be the source of all laws] are continuously losing the ability to exercise that power due to the power of money. [Apparently, I am slow, rather than simply stupid, a cause for hope, I hope.]

Finding the middle way between meeting our individual legal rights, and guarding ourselves against the formidable ability of big money to take them from us, is a constant challenge in the world. It is a battle where ethics seems to have been compromised by the simple expedient of governments and corporations financially forgetting about it as a trait of membership in the human race.

The defense against such a situation requires that all of us individual citizens pay closer and closer attention when voting to finding a careful political balance between Liberalism and Conservatism. Further, all presidential candidates need to become aware of this. This particular one, yours truly, a “Journalistic Literary Candidate,” should not be the Lone Ranger in this quest.

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