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The Debate & Immigration:

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

October 14, 2015

Both Sanders and Clinton are to be congratulated for the respect they afforded one another. These two candidates possess the ability to treat one another like adult human beings, while discussing the real issues of the day, rather than taking infantile pot shots at one another.

It is hoped that opposition debates may eventually find this enlightening. As a reporting “Independent Literary Candidate,” I hope the Democratic candidates will continue to avoid the trashy subjects that the far rightwing of the Republican Party appears addicted to.

Regarding Immigration, which has not yet taken center stage in the debates, other than Mr. Trumps initial comments a few weeks ago defining them as rapists, etc., I have the following to offer:

My Position on Immigration Border Protection differs from most candidates. Instead of locking down all our borders, I believe that Canada, the U.S., and Mexico need to begin talks to define how they may unite in an American Economic Union similar to the European Economic Union. All our borders should be opened between these countries, allowing total freedom of movement of both capital and human beings. Legitimate passports for all citizens would allow us to monitor everyone moving back and forth to ascertain legitimate purposes.

Anyone caught crossing borders away from legitimate crossing points would, therefore, be the ones for all of us to watch closely. Such an innovation by these three nations would provide a step forward in the “humanization” of governments that have become in most instances only slightly disguised digital guardians of the wealthy military/press complex, and the ethically compromised.

Only those whose actions are suspect could possibly complain of such a proposal. I intend to document the economic benefit to all of us from such an Immigration Strategy. This proposal will surely invite impassioned comments from varied corners. Rather than go into detail at this point, I offer it up as the first economic suggestion I make as a “candidate.”

I believe economic opportunity is the priority issue of this Presidential Campaign. It is what we all need. It deserves maximum attention.

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