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My “Presidential” Candidacy:

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

October 13, 2015

I have no illusions about actually being a candidate. I am in no way positioned, financially, socially, or professionally, to be considered a candidate. However, as a writer and video producer, I am also a United States citizen, a former U.S. Army Intelligence Captain, and a retired lifelong marketing consultant to small privately owned American businesses, with opinions of my own: about the world, its people and governments.

The U.S. 2016 presidential campaign is for me an opportunity to express as clearly and articulately as I am able what I would say to you if I were an actual candidate for the office of the U.S. Presidency.

Since I do not have to raise money from anyone, or censor my words, I am beholden to no one. I believe I will be able to be honest about my feelings and thoughts. I certainly intend to try. My critique will attempt to be constructive. My writing will be both serious and occasionally laced with humor.

As I, in this literary experiment, express my views, I invite you to comment. I will note your thoughts and expose them in my subsequent Blogs. I will answer them with my thoughts. Perhaps our creative collaboration will provide something valuable to the campaign. Let us hope so.

My first commentary on the presidential campaign will focus on the issue of Immigration. Be aware: It will appear in your email In-Box within a few days.

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