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Howell Hurst Uncategorized

January 22, 2014 Supplement

TV Reporter Stephanopolous says he credibly commented on US politicians’ allegations that Snowden may have had foreign assistance; and President Obama says people were put in harm’s way by Snowden’s actions.

Two alternative perspectives are being slighted here.

One: Mr. Stephanopolous just by reporting the government representatives’ allegations that they think Snowden had foreign help, attributes credibility to that factually unsupported speculation; the reps don’t deserve such credibility for such intellectually dubious thinking.

Two: It remains unsupported that the United States has suffered serious damage from Snowden’s exposing some of the under belly of US dealings. The citizens of the United States appear across the board relatively discontent with many of the distasteful measures used by the country’s leaders in the sacred name of democracy, capitalism, and ’god-fearing’ patriotism.

To many, the ethical edge belongs to Snowden, not his opposition. It appears to be a valid perspective.

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