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Fascism: A Delicate Word

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Let’s not get hysterical now, but when a political culture’s funding sources:

  1. Own 90% of all news media,
  2. Are deeply involved in defense manufacturing and sales,
  3. Control via lawgivers our police forces,
  4. And outfits them with military fighting gear,

It’s not too far fetched to start to suggest this phenomenon has undertones that appear a bit like capitalistic fascism.

I have personally experienced extreme behavior by sheriff’s deputies in California for making an incorrect right turn. Many others across the country have experienced improper police behavior. Perhaps you have too. When is it time to take this trend seriously? Rand Paul thinks it’s time now.

I have to agree. As a former Army Intelligence officer, I am obviously not an enemy of appropriate governmental authority. However, this situation deserves close attention by all: Liberals and Conservatives.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the current police event in Missouri began to bring together the Left and the Right of the country at one common point of thought?

Just a thought you might want to put some thought into.

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