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Making Homelessness a Crime

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

A Blog I wrote weeks ago was about donating one’s body to medical science. The feedback was interesting. People either found it a strange idea, or agreed with it, or rejected it totally. One lady said she’d never thought of the idea but liked it so much she was changing her will. Another lady said she had known of medical students disrespecting cadavers. Therefore, she refused to leave her body to young medical students with so little sensitivity. I was glad to have touched an issue revealing such wide diversity in thought.

There are more immediately vital things to discuss, however. I am personally disturbed by the trajectory the US is taking regarding homeless people. A unique piece of in-depth factual reporting has dealt with this subject recently. It documents in meticulously researched detail how US city and state governments are passing laws making it a criminal offense to be homeless on America’s streets.

I suggest you read one report at least of this phenomenon. The following one covers it as well as do several other US and foreign news media: anti-homeless-laws

I find this issue particularly disturbing because I was once homeless and I know the desperation one feels in such a circumstance. Treating homeless Americans officially as criminals is in my mind un-American. When a predominantly Christian population silently allows it to occur, they are stepping over a dangerous line. Criminalizing homeless people, most of whom have mental, alcohol, and drug problems, is damnably hypocritical. It is cruel. It is despicable. It is disgusting. It is bestial. It is utterly and entirely indefensible.

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