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The Citigroup $7 Billion Fines

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Citigroup as a Corporation has been fined for fraudulently selling subprime mortgage securities that helped create the worldwide recession.

You can view Citigroup’s current Board members Citygroup Board
Should not now the justice department investigate each of them, plus any others known to have been on the board leading up to the 2008 mortgage scam? Until the appropriate executives receive punishment, does the current Citigroup multibillion dollar fine reported change anything about the massive corruption that caused the recession?

Who are the real persons who caused the scam? Don’t we need to see all of the appropriate Citigroup executives go to jail? Plus those in Bank of America, and all the other companies involved? Then and only then will not justice have begun to be served?

Until every real person injured by the mortgage scam is compensated, are not the Supreme Court-annointed “Person-Corporations” nothing other than convenient legal scapegoats that allow to go free the real corporate crooks involved: the executives who devised the mortgage scam?

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