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Why No Blogs?

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

I see it’s ten [10] days since I wrote a Blog.

Since no one has urgently E-mailed or phoned me about it, it appears the omission has not been sorely missed. However: an explanation. I am busy completing a fund raising presentation for the film I am attempting to complete based on a short story I was fortunate enough to sell to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine years ago. Plus,with the help of friends, I’m finishing the last design details of two of my Kindle books [an Espionage/Crime Novel and a Book of Short Stories] to make them ready for actual print publishing.

As I fidget with the details of these two literary masterpieces, I note that the human race’s consistent mayhem, murder, rape, pillage, war, abuse, disrespect, burning, bombing, and stubborn chaos progress quite well unchallenged by my lack of critique about it all. Since I doubt that my comments, or those of any writer, can or will change the tendency of humans to destroy most everything fine they create, I don’t feel guilty.

As a matter of fact, remaining silent on the doings of the world may be the best thing I can do for awhile. I’m in a reflective mood about life these days, and am hoping to return to the Blog eventually with fresh new insights on the human condition. In the meantime, you’re on your own. I sincerely hope you’re maturing well and adjusting to the Divine Comedy with broad grins and happy frames of mind.

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