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Exploring Purpose for a Corporate Nation

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

The last statement I wrote in the last Blog was: “Capitalism, as practiced, does not bode well for humans. It needs some tweaking for long-term life.” Now, I am aware that many of my readers are extremely fond of Capitalism. Since I always earned my living inside small private corporations that I created, or inside large corporations I worked for, I too do not hate the institution of corporations.

My disgust with the executives of large American-based multinational corporations is the ease with which they discard American [and have also done to other] workers in the name of Profit. American Corporations exist due to American law. All American citizens, their corporate leaders, and their judiciary [including the Supreme Court] have a responsibility to help support and maintain the political, economic, and cultural integrity of our country. If we do not remain firmly intact, we cannot positively impact the world’s future.

I believe we each need to think much further than Profit. Human beings as record-keepers of the written word, are about 10,000 years old. As an existing species, we are a few million years old. We know that several political and cultural examples of humans [the Mayans are one] have become extinct. We know that over 90% of all life species have become extinct. So – is there any logical reason not to suspect that our entire species holds the potential of extinction as its eventual outcome?

And if so, does it not make sense for all of us to think of ourselves as being a contributor to the long-range prevention of our collective extinction? I mean this in a very practical manner. Does it not make sense that Americans earn our economic livings with the most basic motivation of helping extend the life of humans, rather than for simple personal Profit? Should we not be able – by thinking on the subject – combine the two? And should not, and could not, Corporations, thereby, broaden and deepen their purpose to include the same objective? After all: we did not get to the Moon thinking we were limited to our own backyard.

To Be Continued . . .

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