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Struggling Toward a Point

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Reader feedback from Blogging shows me that I’m approaching the postgraduate level. I’ve certainly exceeded the undergraduate level, that’s for sure. Abundantly clear from most readers who have responded: they have had opinions, but usually they don’t follow up to delve deeply into the subject they have commented on.

That’s interesting. We Americans tend primarily to touch the surface in our inspection of subjects. We aren’t fervently introspective and analytical about our opinions. We go with our feelings and impressions, and leave it at that. Which, I contend, is why we have the massive Left/Right political division among us today. [Now, I’ll likely be deluged with follow up. OK; I’m all for it.]

I wasn’t trying to present the Nez Perces incident I quoted in the first Corporate Nation Blog as concretely being the origin of our country. Rather, I conceived it as being more like a Metaphor: an insinuation, if you will, of the attitude of our pioneer ancestors that has created the American Corporate Nation. That insinuated attitude was quite simple: Profit. Our ancestors wanted to win something: all the land we inhabited as far as we could see. We wanted to acquire it as ours.

Consequently, the argument I am trying to explore in this series of Blogs is that individual profit alone, and surely geographic profit, is no longer sufficient to maintain the political integrity of a Nation. After 10,000 years of recorded written history, it is clear that what is going to keep the human race going for another 10,000 years is organized collaboration among nations and people. Just profit, without conscious mutual support, will more likely end up being our undoing rather than our doing. Capitalism, as practiced, does not bode well for humans. It needs some tweaking for long-term life.

More on this subject will continue . . .

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