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Asking A Favor

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Before I continue my thoughts about the Origin of the Corporate Nation, I feel it necessary to deal with another issue. I will continue my specific thoughts on the Origin of the Corporate Nation tomorrow. If you will patiently read the following, I believe you will understand why I have taken the time to write about the subject.

Soon after posting my Blog yesterday, I received an e-mail. It was from a member of the legal profession: yes, an attorney. He shall remain nameless. Most of his message mixed irrelevant personal issues with the subject above. He was decidedly critical of yesterday’s Blog. To quote him exactly, one example of his criticism was: “You are a near-delusional, infantile, egomaniacal, self-absorbed twit.” Well, that certainly took some of the wind out of my sails.

Warming to his subject, he continued: “Your latest ‘Blog’ entitled ‘The Corporate Nation’ was a joke. . . You relied on assumptions, generalities, and buzzwords apparently gleaned from screed picked up along the way, as one would collect interesting items out of road-side trash.” Well, that just sank my sails deep into the ocean. I had to sleep on what he said before attempting to answer. But, here goes:

This is only one aspect of the mindset I contend today infects our government, which – if you have not noticed – is comprised mostly of attorneys. It is attorneys who pretend to guide the destiny of our country. It is they who lock in the profits for giant multinational corporations with excruciating precision and deny small individual private businesses the power to compete against the behemoths, who monopolize our once free marketplace.

As a former small business person, turned writer in my maturing years, I know the tendency of many attorneys to be negative and insulting. It is they who seek, and find, the potential downside in any creative endeavor. With their precise manipulation of law, and their flair [as demonstrated above] for sensitively editing and crafting their thoughts in writing, they wield the power that has created the modern Corporate Nation – and, consequently – our nation’s divisive Left and Right schism.

So, I want to ask a favor of you. Please understand that if you have critical comments to make about my Blogs, I definitely invite that. It is only through discussion of our differences in a rational manner that we will ever put our country back on track. If, however, you feel moved to write such words as the lawyer above has done, I believe we will simply remain trapped in the political morass we find ourselves in today: at a roadblock to progress on a mountaintop of hostility.

We don’t need more of such an attitude. We need to listen to one another and answer one another with goodwill – not with bare aggression and enmity.

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