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A Promising Report

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Temporarily, I am depressed. It’s not a clinical depression. It’s not a financial depression. It’s, rather, a cynical citizen’s depression. It’s brought on by the realization that dividing America into Red and Blue states is ridiculous. Why? Because it is a politically manufactured phenomenon causing most of us to cling to uselessly outdated Liberal or Conservative ideals.

Assess with me

Clearly, most Conservative states are geographically interior where populations are relatively small. Liberal states, on the other hand, are geographically exterior: they are primarily coastal with large port cities. Corporations have over decades drawn massive numbers of workers from the countryside into large cities. This forced and kept labor expenses low. So, today, tens of thousands in large cities (adding into millions) cannot find sustainable work in large corporations or small private companies.

Interior states are Conservative because their small numbers allow willing workers eventually to find work. Their citizens, thereby, find it difficult to visualize what those living in large coastal cities see daily: that the unemployed in large cities cannot find jobs because they have literally been taken. Without collaborative assistance [called “liberal”] of temporary subsistence funding, plus job retraining, new employment options remain essentially non-existent.

If, however, Conservatives and Liberals will abandon their ideological biases and view this issue with non-ideological clarity, they will both discover that common ground exists to benefit all: Liberals and Conservatives, Big Business and Government.

In coming Blogs I’m going to write about this in more detail. My objective is to present positive perspectives. Plus, I will offer suggestions of how to go about it all. Your personal thoughts and suggestions are invited.

Keep your eye out for the first Blog; Its Title is:

“Nez Perce & White Bird: The Origin of The Corporate Nation.”

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