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Income Disparity

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Following the Tulsa Will Rogers affair, and driving some 5,000 miles or more through California, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and California, I’m back home in San Francisco. On the way in cafes and gas stations, and other travel places, I talked to a lot of people. A recurring subject was the income disparity of America. People care about this. Almost everyone thinks something needs to be done.

I believe that if Wall Street moguls and their money-obsessed employees, corporate owners and their self-aggrandizing presidents, and citizens and their self-centered Washington politicians cannot figure out how to set their differences aside and collaborate on sharing America’s existing available work and national productive abundance with all Americans, we all have deep psychological problems.

Top American financial and corporate presidents pay themselves up to 350 times what they pay their lowest workers. It requires 1500 hours for a worker in many service industries to earn what a top president earns in one hour. Meanwhile, American corporations sit on a massive quantity of accumulated profits. Their presidents and high officers have accumulated massive personal fortunes.

If we citizens and our alleged financial and political leaders do not have the intellectual capacity to create a means to share our existing available work in a life-sustaining fashion with all of our own people, I do not believe we are mentally capable of understanding what constitutes being human, a responsible capitalist, and a citizen of a Republic. Rather, we are all traitors to our own people. That is the word. Traitors. There is no other.

If we cannot agree that we citizens, our corporations, and government owe our fellow unemployed and economically disenfranchised American citizens all the aid we can possibly provide to help them get back on their feet, with reeducation, job training and job placement – then we are no longer members of a nation. We have become willing participants in an exercise of group suppression and domination over others whose lives have been utterly disrupted by an avaricious digitally deranged cult of apathy.

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