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A Liberal/Conservative Meeting Point!

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Repeatedly, I have maintained that the political division of Americans into Liberals and Conservatives is ridiculous. The argument by alleged Conservatives that our government is too big entirely misses the point of what is wrong. And the accusation made by many of me that I dislike Corporations is wrong and entirely misses the point I attempt to make. What is the point? Read on.

If the government is too large, it is not due to some bleeding heart liberal trying to bankrupt it by helping unemployed Americans discarded by large corporations. The simple unadulterated fact is that giant American-managed multinational Corporations have deeply influenced our government’s financial situation and absolved themselves of their tax obligations. And they have stopped creating new jobs that require them to invest their capital.

Consider the following. Our alleged capitalistic corporate giants today sit on $7.9 Trillion in hoarded cold cash profits that they refuse to invest in needed American ventures and jobs. A massive amount of this is legally hoarded offshore. Why do they do this? Because they influenced government and acquired in 1986 the legal right to export their profits to foreign offshore locations, where American taxes are not required of them.

Instead of investing in American capitalistic ventures, they instead loan their cash hoards into U.S. Treasury notes, which requires the government to pay them interest on their loans. Who pays the interest? You and I, the guys in the street, do – through our personal taxes. Do you call that Conservative? I call that Corporate Welfare. And all of us, Liberal or Conservative, have got to get on the same page and end it.

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