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PhilosophiSociology 101

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Attorney Tom Baines pointed out to me that the country I mentioned in my recent Blog as “Katar” is actually spelled “Quatar.” I checked it, and according to the Internet it appears actually to be spelled “Qatar.” Whatever. The real point of the piece seems to have gone missing. It was overlooked by our digitally concentrated focus on a tiny geographic spelling fact.

The real Blog point was that our military is able with its power to create the situation wherein poor Indian and Nepalese workers are bilked out of thousands of dollars in order to work for us. We, as a nation honoring our military, easily miss the fact that we actually are capable of causing massive harm to thousands of poverty-stricken people because of our military might. The very people we claim to be trying to help, we harm.

It appears in this digital age we can be easily diverted from a human message to a factual inaccuracy. We easily overlook the fact that our attitude is part of the cause of the ill our military can create. I am not attempting to pin point blame. I am saying, however, that with all our alleged Christian philosophy of “do unto others,” etc., we can be and frequently are diverted from our alleged philosophical beliefs by totally irrelevant details.

As former navel pilot Phil Butler, who spent several years in a Vietnamese prison, knows full well – our emphasis on our military has a price. A major portion of that price is a generic near-sightedness to consequences of an international violence-prone culture. With our military in 150 countries of the world, we are exceptionally susceptible to overlooking specific problems of the world to which we are a major contributor.

Food for thought for the thoughtful.

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