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A Question of Sexual Insecurity?

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Arizona legislators have sent a bill to their governor authorizing their state’s business leaders to refuse service to gay people, allegedly to protect their religious beliefs. It strikes me that any legislators attempting to create such a bill must be personally insecure about their own sexuality.

Why else would anyone wield the shield of religion to support the denial of the existence of variegated human sexuality that has been historically recognized for thousands of years? Many animals have historically exhibited gay behavior. It is a biological and psychological fact of life supported by observation. Contrarily, the basis of most religions, surely the case with Christianity, is unsupported belief in an invisible god.

Yet, these Arizona legislators propose they may deny the supported evidence of gays, and deny gays equality under law, justifying their action by unsupported belief in invisible gods. One wonders how far this ridiculous law might extend? Might I block a potential reader access to my Blog, whether a Jew, Christian, Buddhist, or Atheist, because his or her sexuality does not match mine?

As a confidently straight male, I am offended by Legislators attempting to legalize such bigoted silliness. I understand that my own birth state of Oklahoma is also contemplating such a law. If Oklahoma actually passes such a law, I will be embarrassed for it. Such legislation tests the limits to which ignorant prejudice may reach. Hopefully, the Arizona governor will veto this act of ignorance. Hopefully it will never reach such a legal level in Oklahoma.

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