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Police Attacks: Law or Paranoia?

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Have you followed the female band members in Russia? Those Soviet Premier Putin imprisoned and then later released? Rough police handling of them seems to be the norm. The latest attack on the young women at the Sochi Olympic scene is well demonstrated by BBC video at:

BBC News

The girls are political protesters. Wielding as weapons only their dancing bodies and vibrant voices, they consistently demonstrate against Putin’s excessive militancy. You may not like their name or that they initially protested in a Russian Church. But your or my personal opinion of how they do their peaceful protesting is relative. Whether in Russia or the USA, freedom of speech means precisely that.

America’s Occupiers also experienced physical police attacks. Governments frequently respond against peaceful protesters by exercising violence. When police physically abuse protesters for peacefully exercising free speech, government exceeds its authority. What a government gives it is not allowed to take away – except by Law. Physical retaliation is not lawful. It is paranoid brutality by small, easily-intimidated minds.

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