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Two Intriguing Observations

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

One: The media’s knee-jerk reporting that Obamacare will cost the American economy 2.5 million jobs, appears – as should have been expected by everyone – to be so much balderdash. Fact checking by the Washington Post indicates that, instead, it may reduce the numbers of hours many people will need to work to sustain their incomes.

What will finally be the truth? I don’t know, but I suggest we not argue the fine points until all the details come out. Let’s calmly wait until the facts clearly emerge. The main point is that once again the incredible Left and Right schism rampant in America has produced an erroneous headline to titillate the American rank and file, who seem to thrive from the absurd rather than the rational.

Two: A Blog reader comments that Norway, by allowing its government to buy and own shares in corporations and earn profits, is thereby able to reduce taxes for all citizens. Companies are also able to buy back their stock from the government, when they earn enough profit and can afford to do so. Yes, this allegedly “Socialistic” country through this paradigm appears more capitalistic than our own. And corporations thereby maintain ultimate control over their own stock, rather than our government did in the recent corporate bailout.

Why does a skeptical fringe in America keep promoting the concept that Western European countries are Anti-Capitalism when it is not true? Why do they repeatedly bandy about the concept that Western Europe is philosophically and economically tied to an allegedly Communistic Socialism? It is an unsupportable assertion. We could learn much from Western Europe. It, by the way, did not foment from a multibillion dollar mortgage scam a worldwide recession. We did.

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