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Seeking Meaning

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

The Republican Party’s remarkably persistent self-destructive tendencies are equalled only by the Democratic Party’s remarkably persistent self righteous tendencies. I know the latter because I have been accused of it in my writings about our national economic responsibility to our own people before all the people of the world. And surely before any national love for the concept of Corporation – to my way of thinking one of our most mis-managed social ideas.

There is a paradox here, for I am equally a staunch supporter of the ideal of a free market economy and some sort of one-world governmental model, which could unite all nations in a mutually acceptable set of international economic Laws. I know that Noam Chomsky and others tend toward an anarchy that I sense is a more impossible ideal than a worldwide rule of Law. And I know that a balance between the two is as important as a mid point between American Conservatism and Liberalism.

Republicans and Corporations are inextricably intertwined philosophically, while Democrats and People are inextricably intertwined conceptually. I believe this is probably why the two parties have so much difficulty communicating on any substantial level. I feel a certain helplessness in Conservatives attaching so much value to financial wealth. I feel an equal helplessness in Liberals attaching so little value to it.

As a former Intelligence Officer and a lifelong self-employed man, I have survived the violent rigors of America’s militantly penurious corporate culture. Its Capitalism has clearly evolved far beyond anything as simple as its avowed freedom of the marketplace. As practiced by multinational corporations today, it is a predator concept that has essentially consumed the individual in its worship of profit for the few.

What does it profit a nation to put wealth above touching the need of its fellow citizens? That is a pungent question.

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