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Beyond Liberal and Conservative Biases

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

For those of you who recognize that in any practical sense the terms Liberal and Conservative have precisely zero ability to positively impact your personal financial lives, I have a suggestion for you. It’s for you who in today’s shorthand Blog world can still read more than one or two paragraphs before your eyes glaze over and your brain turns to mush. View and Read two sources of extremely interesting information before you make a doofus of yourself in the next political discussion with friends and enemies.

One Source is the current film “Inequality for All” by the Economist Robert Reich. Mr. Reich is neither a Liberal nor a Conservative. He is an Economist. And a down-to-earth, in-touch-with-people Economist. He shows precisely why our economy is on such shaky ground for so many, and why it negatively affects each of us. The facts he presents in this film will rattle your biases, whether Left or Right. He also offers a basic solution.Go to the Internet, Google the title, find the film, and view it. Or see it in a theater. It will open your eyes to reality.

The Other Source is the most recent edition of a short book by Ben Bagdikian, “The New Media Monopoly.” He is a Media Pro. You can find his brief book on the Internet too, or in paperback at a large book store. He documents who the five corporations are that own 90% of all U.S. newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations bringing you your news; and why they don’t want you to see Mr. Reich’s film. They like you stuck in Left and Right thinking. It pays them very well.

If you are not curious enough to consider that your Liberal or Conservative beliefs may be blinding you to reality, delete this Blog and nap on. Ignorance is bliss, they say.

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