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Defining Conservatism

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Men [rarely women] frequently email me about how Conservative they are. It usually goes, “A man ought to be able to stand up for himself; he doesn’t need any government to help him when times get tough.”

How, I ask you, does any single individual stand up to the government’s removal of credit requirements, and a group of collaborative mortgage sellers targeting the poorest people of a country with subprime loans, and creating not only a national but an international recession and millions of unemployed?

How does anyone stand up to corporations and a government who forge international relations with other corporations and governments to outsource millions of American jobs to low paying economies, leaving our own people unemployed by the millions?

How does a third generation uneducated American stand up to a corporate culture and government collaboration that does not assist him in gaining an education in one of the most expensive countries in the world, and then says when he “Occupies” the streets to expose the blatant cultural hypocrisy that he should “get a job?’

I’m Conservative too:

I believe in Conserving national cultural and political integrity instead of helping corporations do business with anyone in the world, while they preconceive and consciously leave Americans unemployed and demeaned by corporate leaders paid exorbitant incomes.

I believe in Conserving poor and poorly-educated American youth by helping them gain educations and work rather than selling their jobs to the lowest international labor suppliers.

I believe Conservatism as practiced today is not conservative, but radical, illogical, irrational, and detrimental to the health of the nation. Its alternative, Liberalism, is little better, if any. It’s saving grace, however, is its attempt to discuss the poor, the unemployed, and the uneducated, and suggest something be done about this age old disaster.

Any Conservative who wishes to discuss this with me and present his or her views, is invited to respond rationally and articulately. I have big ears and a liberally open mind to well articulated ideas. My ears, however, do tend to block when deep-seated ideological biases are presented as being articulate arguments.

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